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au_muses Describe your perfect day (application)

“A holiday?” Nyssa lifted a dubious eyebrow at her friend as she leaned on the console, wondering if she had heard him correctly.

“A holiday.” The Doctor confirmed, positively beaming. “I thought with all that has been going on that we could most certainly use the break.”

The Trakenite laughed, quietly and without much amusement. All that has been going on seemed to her quite the understatement for the things they had endured together and all previous attempts at a holiday had been, in a word, catastrophic.

The man in his brightly colored coat lifted his head, haughtily, with an expression that implied he would like to know just why his companion had so little enthusiasm about his intentions.

“Doctor?” Nyssa invited, head tilting to one side to better study the Time Lord.

“Well, if you have a complaint you would do good to say it and get it over with, my dear.” He drawled, even as he began to busy himself with setting the coordinates.

The brunette sighed and combed a hand through her curls. “I apologize, it’s simply that you keep saying we’re going to holiday and, well…quite frankly it never happens.”


“Doctor.” Nyssa managed to fill those two syllables with a combination of pleading and gentle firmness that she had perfected. “It isn’t your fault, not really. Half of the time we don’t arrive where we intended –”

“Are you questioning my piloting skills?” the Doctor quipped, defensiveness in his voice.

“—and the other half of the time the trouble finds us. Do you remember Lord Carlisle?”

The Doctor tugged at his ear in discomfort at the mention of his old friend but he gave a nod of the affirmative before he spoke. “But not this time, Nyssa! Come now, you have so little faith. The Eye of Orion is absolutely beautiful this time of the year.”

He made everything terribly difficult, Nyssa mused; he would argue and he would sulk and he was very much like a spoilt, overgrown child. And yet, somehow, he was charming in his ways and she never seemed to mind.

There was a pause. “Do you promise?”

“Pardon? That it’s lovely? Certainly.”

“Not that.” Nyssa shook her head. “…Do you promise we’ll have a proper holiday?”

“On my honor.” He puffed out his chest and lifted his chin in what Nyssa could only presume he thought to be a very striking pose. He exhaled and a ghost of a smirk crossed his lips. “It’ll be absolutely boring.”

“How boring?”

He wrinkled his nose at his companion. “Extraordinarily. There will be fishing and you may read and I’ll…” he waved a hand, flippantly, “…rest, I suppose, if I must. We can take walks in the evenings. No aliens, no disruptions.”

“No saving the universe?”

He paused, as if considering, and then he grinned. “You know you love it. Come now, Nyssa. What do you say?”

She chuckled. “It sounds perfect.”
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